Out of the Blue
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Out of the Blue - October 2021
No time to die

“Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.” — Confucius. Our scenario is always that of a strong economic cycle but seasoned with a new inflationary regime (unknown for at least 20 years). The good news is that the worst for the pandemic may be over (thanks Green Pass!), barring new aggressive variants. The bad news is that the cycle could "commit suicide" due to its own side effects (inflation, energy shocks, bottlenecks). In the most benevolent and likely scenario, the former, we do not expect contagion effect from China and remain moderately constructive on equities while anticipating periods of volatility and a correction potential above the now discounted 5%. BlueStar recommends favoring cyclical and value sectors in a context of controlled and well-balanced allocation.

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Out of the Blue - August 2021
Extreme ways

A battle has been won against Covid, not the war.
Extreme measures are justified by the criticality of the moment.

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Out of the Blue - June 2021

The worst seems to have passed but the recovery we are seeing is not comparable to those of the past: this will be more "explosive" and lasting but with some side effects that the market persists in ignoring.

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Press Release

20 December 2021  - Ticino Management

L'isola del Tesoro

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2 December 2021  - Milano Finanza

La Bce potrebbe tirare il freno a mano. BlueStar: il rally di Natale è a rischio.

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10 September 2021  - Ticino Management

Il flauto magico

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30 June 2021  - Corriere del Ticino

A Zurigo domina l'ottimismo L'SMI vola ad alta quota

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12 June 2021  - Sole 24 Ore (Plus 24)

Cina, perché il caso Huarong rilancia le incognite sulle obbligazioni

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2 June 2021  - Fondi&Sicav.it

Bluestar: Meglio non investire nel debito americano

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12 May 2021  - Ticino Management

Scontro tra Titani

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24 April 2021  - Sole 24 Ore (Plus 24)

Il boom del Pil non scalda le quotazioni a Shanghai

13 April 2021  - Corriere del Ticino

Banca nazionale col sorriso, tregua nella forza del franco

7 April 2021  - Focus Risparmio

La scossa che serve all'Italia (e alla UE)

19 March 2021  - Fondi&Sicav.it

Listino azionario italiano: discreto spazio di recupero

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5 March 2021  - BFC Video

Investimenti, l’outlook di Bluestar per i prossimi mesi

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24 February 2021  - Finanzaoperativa.com

La speculazione sui listini Usa può diventare un boomerang

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19 February 2021  - AdnKronos.com


17 February 2021  - Corriere del Ticino

Zurigo ai livelli pre-pandemia. Ma per il 2021 occorre cautela

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3 February 2021  - Fondi&Sicav.it

Solo un rialzo dei tassi può invertire il trend sui titoli tech

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1st February 2021  - Milano Finanza

Valori di borsa poco sostenibili anche facendo finta di essere già nel 2022

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15 Januar 2021  - Investire

Per i titoli di stato non c'è porto sicuro

12 Januar 2021  - Finanzaoperativa.com

Cribari: senza la Bce, Italia a tassi coerenti con rating B

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5 Januar 2021  - Corriere del Ticino

Oro, dopo lo sprint del 2020 ancora potenziale per salire

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