Out of the Blue
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Out of the Blue - December 2020
A Christmas Carol

At the end of a year that has been terrible from an economic, financial, health and psychological point of view, we may see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Out of the Blue - November 2020
White House down!

We warmly welcome Mr Trump's defeat, even though we are waiting to see if Mr Biden can really save theUS from the chasm to which they have been dangerously close for some years now. The real "bomb" news of the moment, however, are the comforting results on the effectiveness of two vaccines.

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Out of the Blue - October 2020
Clear and present danger

The economic recovery after the apocalyptic Q2 is certainly in place but it is no longer news, meaning that it has been widely discounted by investors (except the usual IMF “scientists” who arrived there, with their traditional timing, only now) and there are now doubts about the actual strength of the cycle for Q4 and 2021.

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Press review

29 Ottobre 2020 - MIlanofinanza.it

Il rimbalzo del terzo trimestre è storia, probabile una ripresa a scalini con vuoti d'aria

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7 Ottobre 2020 - BFC Video

Idee per investire

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26 Settembre 2020 - Sole 24 Ore (Plus 24)

Con Biden avanza l'energia verde. Con Trump si rafforza il tech.

28 Agosto 2020 - Sole 24 Ore (Plus 24)

L'Europa a sconto ma i mercati cercano conferme

28 Luglio 2020 - Corriere del Ticino

Divampa la febbre dell’oro, toccato il nuovo record storico

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23 Luglio 2020 - Citywire.it

C'è vita oltre il tech e il value non è morto

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18 Luglio 2020 - Sole 24 Ore (Plus 24)

"Se l'IT diventa settore difensivo

13 Luglio 2020 - Finanza Operativa

C’è vita oltre ai titoli tecnologici

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27 Giugno 2020 - Sole 24 Ore (Plus 24)

Wall Street in mano a 5 titoli

21 Maggio 2020 - Citywire.it

Alt Ucits, i 29 gestori di eccellenza di maggio. Focus sull'obbligazionario

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