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December 2022
The upside down

The economic and financial world has turned completely upside down compared to 12 months ago. It will hardly be the same as before. However, we want to try to outline a more positive scenario than what we experienced in 2022.

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September 2022
The secret ingredient for a soft landing?

The very sharp rise in prices in recent months has several explanations and, as BlueStar has been repeating for months, comes from afar. Specifically, from the trade war started by Trump in 2018 and the new populist trend of de-globalisation, itself a child of the unbridled globalisation of the previous 20 years.

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June 2022
War and Peace

The real motivations behind the conflict in Ukraine will greatly prolong its duration and have serious consequences, especially in Europe, which has decided to immolate itself on the Atlanticist altar.

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May 2022
The (Random) walk

The explosive high inflation/rate hike/war combination has been further aggravated by the new Chinese lockdown, which is unexpectedly proving even worse than the one in February 2020, exacerbating the logistical, hence inflationary, problems and global growth prospects. The markets could not help but react accordingly, recording one of the worst starts to the year ever. Not all hope is lost however, the balance is precarious, but the fall is not yet certain.

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March 2022
Interview with Il Sole24ore

War in Ukraine: until realism prevails over rhetoric we fear it could get worse before it gets better. Main economic and financial implications and how to position portfolios.

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March 2022
Enola Gay

There is a lot to be said about what has happened in the last few days, especially about the bad information we are being fed about the reasons, the chronicle and the developments of this crisis. The war started in 2014, not today. And those who could have stopped it did not, quite the contrary. There are certainly good guys and bad guys, but also good and bad information. Western films for years made us believe that the bad guys were the Indians. But a war is not a football match where you cheer for one team or the other, the only legitimate thought is towards the innocents who suffer in spite of themselves. To them go our thoughts and our most sincere solidarity. However, we would have liked to have seen such emotional and political participation in other wars as well, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria. Because there are no right or wrong wars, blitzkrieg wars or 'gentle' wars without civilian victims. War is brutal by its very nature. We do not discover this today thanks to RAI's live broadcasts.

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March 2022
Time to buy Biotech

Every now and then comes a rare opportunity to buy a deeply unloved asset at a bargain basement price. The beaten-down biotech sector provides such an opportunity now – as it is trading at its greatest-ever discount to the market.

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2 Giugno 2023 - Corriere del Ticino

Lo spazio dopo l'esplorazione ora è un bene d'investimento

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17 Aprile 2023 - Corriere del Ticino

Oro, il bene rifugio definitivo

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21 Marzo 2023 - Ticino Management

Suonala ancora, Sam.

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