BlueStar is the Investment Manager of the following UCITS V investment funds:


BLUESTAR ABSOLUTE is a discretionary multi-asset fund with a strong thematic approach. It invests in bonds, equities, commodities, currencies and alternative strategies. The fund’s objective is to generate positive returns while at the same time focusing on capital preservation through a dynamic multi-asset hedging strategy. The fund enables investors to have exposure to both secular growth themes and medium-term market opportunities.

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BLUESTAR DYNAMIC is a balanced fund that invests mainly in equities and bonds. The fund’s objective is to participate in the financial markets through a substantial allocation in risky assets during periods of economic expansion and a more conservative allocation during adverse market phases, which are typically characterised by high volatility. The portfolio is made up of investment funds managed by a selection of the best managers globally.

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MULTI INCOME is a discretionary fund that invests mainly in bonds and, to a lesser extent, in equities. The fund’s objective isto accumulate recurring flows from bond coupons and equity dividends. The return target is between 3%-5% annually, with similar or lower volatility.

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ONELIFE FUND is an equity fund that invests in the life sciences sector. This sector offers great potential due to the rapid evolution of the market and the increase in life expectancy. To date, 50% of diseases do not yet have a cure, and the development of innovative therapies is constantly increasing. Our management team has decades of experience in science, pharmaceuticals and finance.

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