BlueStar is the Investment Manager of the following UCITS V investment funds:


A multi-asset fund with a strong thematic approach and with the aim of protecting against market drawdowns. The fund invests across all asset classes: stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities and non-directional alternative UCITS. Active funds are preferred, even though a large part of the portfolio is allocated to ETFs, proprietary equity baskets, single stocks and bonds. The fund favours long-term themes and medium-term sectorial investments with little presence in undifferentiated market indices. The search for value is key in the fund investment process. The primary objective of drawdown protection is achieved through the use of direct (futures and options) and indirect (alternative strategies, bonds, currencies) hedges in a dynamic risk control framework.


A global flexible multi-asset fund with a dynamic asset allocation, the result of a long-term macroeconomic analysis combined with systematic models and short- to medium-term trend analysis. The active management, the cornerstone of the strategy, underlies the portfolio structure, which consists of around 20 investment funds managed by those we consider to be among the best investment teams in the world; these provide a security selection of the highest quality thanks to their proven experience. Careful market risk management is ensured by the implementation of hedging strategies using derivatives. A fund with the aim of participating in market opportunities in periods of economic expansion that can quickly align with a more conservative asset allocation during adverse phases.


A fund whose goal is capital growth through a steady stream of income primarily by means of bond coupons but also through equity dividends. The fund invests primarily in medium-term bonds, generally global investment grade corporate bonds, however, with the possibility of investing in High Yield up to 60% of the fund. As far as equity exposure is concerned, up to a maximum of 15% of the fund, high-quality global companies with a long track record of constant dividend payout are selected. The construction of the ideal asset allocation arises from the perfect mix of the two approaches, top-down and bottom-up, with the aim of increasing capital while minimising market volatility.


An equity fund investing in the Life Sciences and Biotech sector. The Fund aims to capture the long-term growth dynamics of the sector through research, selection and analysis of listed companies, mainly on the American Stock Exchange. Preference is given to those characterised by better quality, financial prospects, innovation capability and fair-value in stock market price terms. Stock selection is not limited to big-caps but goes as far as R&D companies exhibiting compelling scientific platforms, products pipeline and financial prospects. The Fund targets companies across multiple therapeutic areas.


It is a long-short fund with a bottom-up approach (stock picking). Fundamental analysis represents the core of the strategy, which is coupled with technical analysis. The managers have direct contact with the companies through conference calls and meetings with their management. Updates occur quarterly when companies report results/earnings. The main asset class consists of European equities. The fund aims to generate a positive performance over the medium and long term in all market conditions by selecting niche companies with high potential.


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